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St. Pankraz the gate to the National Park Stelvio

Discover a new hiking trail every day, all without having to use the car!

A little further into the valley, begins the National Park “Stelvio” Italy’s largest national park. The fauna and flora is unique. The mountain peaks are up to over 3000 meters high. You can also reach our local mountain the “Laugen” (2400 meters) from the “Laugenlodge”. In Ultental you will find 620 kilometers of well signposted trails. There is something for every taste, high-alpine tours up to easy walks.
One of the best-known “Trans Alp” mountain bike routes leads directly through the Ultental, through the “Rabbi Joch” (Rabbi pass) , well-known to mountain bikers, right through the Stelvio National Park in the neighboring province of Trentino (extremely hard, exposed and beautiful). Afterwards it is only a day trip by bike to Lake Garda.

If you like fancy city air, the spa town of Meran is 17 kilometers away, every hour a public bus takes you there comfortably. The famous “Gardens of Schloss Trauttmannsdort” are also located in Meran. Our most famous South Tyrolean “Ötzi” can be visited in Bozen/, 35 kilometers away. Around the “Ötzi” was built a beautiful archaeological museum. Ideal in bad weather.